A quick word about us- we are a hardy group of 12 runners who are running the Bourbon Chase to raise money for the National Hospice Foundation. We could use your help. In more ways than one, but mostly we would love it if you would donate to our cause. You can donate online at our fundraising page at http://www.active.com/donate/runtoremember2011/lwathen1

Many thanks and much love!

Prim Wathen, Stephen Barnett, Amy Jones, Amy Brin, Shelley Duncklee, Tony Jackson, John Dixon, Holly Uebel, Patrick Barker, Catherine Hayden, Erin Holaday and Molly Dabney.

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  • John Turner (@thejohnturner)

    I saw the article about your efforts and if your team is up for it I think you should consider joining the Bourbon Chase Film project. All you need to do is document your journey in video form. You are free to record as little or as much as you want. I think your story would be a great addition and worth sharing with a larger audience. There is no promises but we hope to have a film festival or other public screenings and produce a DVD or online viewing. Checkout the website and please consider joining in.


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