The morning’s ramblings

Our van needs more cowbell.

Next year’s motto should be “undertrained and overconfident”.

The classification for the legs can be decoded as such: easy = hilly, medium = you’re not gonna like this, difficult = forget about it, you are screwed.

And as a Hospice team, we definitely know what and why we were running. Not sure why these other fools ate doing it? Bucket list? Death wish? No clue.

Van 1 is about to start runner 5 of 6 of our last leg. Whew! Go team go! Amy J, John, Catherine (and any minute now) Patrick have finished. Just Amy B and Stephen for our van. Then we are done. Gonna put the hurting on some McDonald’s value meals on our way back to Lex to meet up with the rest of the team at the finish.

Go Prim, Erin, Tony, Jeff, Molly and Holly! Run like the wind! And we have mostly forgiven you for waking us up early this morning when y’all we ahead of schedule! Mostly.

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