Catherine’s turn- legs 3 and 15

My first leg wound through Bardstown. I remember smelling donuts, which I considered to be really unfair. After leaving civilization, and heading toward Heaven Hill, my next memory is of a barking dog names Gizmo. How do I know his name was gizmo? His loving owner crooned “Giyzmo shuuuut uppp.” that’s when I switched sides of the road. And also when the mountain climb began. No joke. Straight up. And finally I get to the exchange and what do I see? Nothing. None of my team was there. Just a minor delay and something to do with taping. All good.

Skip ahead to the best Subway sandwich I’ve ever eaten. And by far the best Diet Coke I drank. Followed by a heavenly hot shower and a quick nap. Now, get up and do it again!

Leg 15. Leaving Danville. In the dark. No GPS signal so I had no clue my pace. Never so happy to see the 1 mile to go sign! And even passed someone in the hill at the end! Granted I think she was near 80, but gonna enjoy my moment!

Now for the rest of my sandwich and a nap.

And a word to my mom- I know you were with me. I could hear you encouraging me and your gentle push on the hills. Happy to have you with me, but tomorrow is my 3rd run in 24 hours. Could you do more like yelling than whispering and shoving than lifting? Regardless, thanks for being my running partner. See you at the finish. I’ll be wearing my “In memory of” shirt with your name on it. XOXO.

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