Amy J’s turn

Well, I am very honored to see that we have so much support out there! Your comments and views mean so much! We are currently in a very dark motel room where I think I just got a little sleep but mist importantly a shower! My first leg was tough! I should have realized when it was ranked D for Difficult but oh well. What got me through? I had decided I would run this for Mawmaw, Stephen’s grandma, because I loved her like a third grandma ! Stephen gave me a photo of us and I carried it with me. When I thought I couldn’t go on I thought of her and what a strong lady she was and plugged along (I might have yelled, “Mamaw make these hills go away!” too) Then I heard my friends yelling for me, which propelled me to the exchange.
My team is great, but of course they are, to be part of an effort that will help others like Mawmaw when they are near the end of life. I feel lucky to be a part of this group and that’s saying something when I am going on little sleep, sore legs, and the anticipation of…9 more miles of hilly roads!

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4 responses to “Amy J’s turn

  • Lisa Congleton

    Thanks, Amy, for the lovely thoughts on Mamaw. I know she was right there cheering you on as you were running. You all are doing such a wonderful and fantastic thing for all those who need comfort. You all are an inspiration for all of us. Keep up the good work. Love ya, Lisa 🙂

  • Lisa Brin

    Give my sis a good hug for me! And a “GO AIM MACHINE!” This is Lisa Brin, Amy’s sister. I’m so proud of you all. My sister is the bomb fashizzle.

    • Joy Brin

      The love that motivated you all to run will propel you when your legs tire and you want to stop. Think only positive thoughts, hydrate, and keep going. You CAN do this! I agree with Lisa- so proud of you all.
      Mom Brin

  • Peggy Barnett

    Amy, I know Mamaw would be very proud of you and she loved you like a Granddaughter. Everyone is doing a great job and we will be cheering for you all when you get to Versailles. Love yu, Peggy, Steve, Beth and Ashley

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