What’s in a name?

By now you might be wondering to yourselves, “What is a ridge runner?” Don’t feel bad, most of our team did too when we were presented with the name at a recent ream meeting while we were having complex carbs and lean proteins drinks at a local restaurant.

Team member Tony Jackson suggested the name and was met with a rousing round of crickets. No one knew what it meant. Always quick on his feet (that’s why he’s on our team, duh!) Tony went straight to the source we all use for finding out information on the fly- Urban Dictionary! According to the experts there, the definition of a ridge runner is as follows ” In rural areas, the rough and rugged men, women and families from the backwoods, mountains and hills that produced and distributed alcohol products during the prohibition era. The men typically wore full beards and overalls. The women usually wore modest, full length dresses with hair up in a bun style. They usually spoke with a strong southern drawl. Loosely, the equivalent of hillbilly. Also called moonshiner.”

Ahh! Ding ding ding! We have a winner! And now we have managed to tie in our sport (running), and the fact that there is alcohol involved (Bourbon Chase) and to also acknowledge that we all live in Kentucky. Can I get a yee haw?!

One of the guys on the team suggested that the girls should  run in the the modest, full length dresses and wear their hair up in buns. And one of the girls mentioned that the guys should run in full beards and overalls. So, instead we all settled on wearing matching team tech shirts.

And now you know the story of how we got our team name. You can stop wondering. You’re welcome.


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