Van 1’s Memorable Moments

Oh, trust us, there were many. We will try to provide what explanation we can (assuming there was one) for the random thought-provoking moments listed below. I’m quite sure they were a lot more funny/sensible at 3am on Saturday morning while driving around the backwoods of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. But we wanted all of our adoring fans to be able to share in our moments since you all helped us get across the finish line. You made us what we are today. You can deny knowing us after reading these.

So, it started at dinner at Nick Ryan’s (shirt sponsor, duh!) while Van 1 was freshly showered and wearing freshly laundered shirts and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Molly, our final runner (of the team and in Van 2) so we could all joyously cross the finish line together. “Hey, we should write a Top 10 list of stuff from this weekend.” “Yeah, that would be awesome.” “Did 10 great things happen?”

Below enjoy the list of 19 incredibly awesome things from Van 1’s experience with the 2011 Bourbon Chase:

  1.  “Did you put anything in your body that could have caused this?” (Brin asks at the very beginning of the drive- to the starting line … and therefore asked … continuously… by the rest of the team for the rest of the weekend.)
  2.  “I’m the one who gets it with a pitchfork and the audience cheers.” (Said Dixon when team, sitting in the middle of a cornfield, discusses what typically happens to people situated in a field in horror movies.)
  3.  “Call them back and tell them that we are still in bed!” (Shouts Brin from her bed when Van #2 calls to announce it’s time to get-up. It came 10 minutes early. Ten very important minutes!)
  4.  “That van just said I’m fresh road-kill. I will cut a B on McCracken Road!” (Said Barnett on his final leg, after just getting passed by another runner. He tells us this while we are slowly driving beside him to “encourage him” and “uplift his spirits.” It didn’t work.)
  5. “Blogging sounds like the onomatopoeia of taking a poop.” (Said Brin delirious after hours of running and only 2 hours of sleep.)
  6. Bowel movements. (Discussed by everyone…not having one, having one, wanting one, not wanting one …) Also- an upside to being slow and starting early- clean porta-pots! Downside to finishing late- not so clean anymore porta pots!
  7. “You’re too pretty to run in Junction City without your keys in your hand as you run!” (Said Lowry (sub night driver) to Barnett before his night run – leg #18
  8. “Your mom is proud of you.” (Jones to Hayden after her first leg run)
  9. “What happened? Did you get transfused by Kenyan named King-Ka Woo-Ko-Hoo? Or “Click click” for short? (Said Brin to Dixon after he crushed his first leg)
  10. “Ooooh, Amy…a fireman! Wait. He is like 15.” (Said team when Danville “fireman”/early Trick-or-Treater approached to give parking directions for Patrick’s second leg exchange.)
  11. “We are Team Great Britain…they are Team Kenya.” (Exclaims Barnett after seeing Elite teams exchange) (Elite teams are teams that run the whole course with only 6 runners. The WHOLE course. 200 miles. With 6 people. Uphill. At Night. Whatever.)
  12. Barker’s Punjab rendition of “The Thong Song”…. (not really able to describe with words here, apologies, trust us it was goooood stuff!)
  13. Disclaimer blizzard! “No judging if I eat this whole footlong … get more food … Glide my butt … get in bed without showering … sleep through your entire run … ” While there was a lot of judging OUTSIDE Van 1, there was none INSIDE. Yay team!
  14. Van #1 missing Hayden’s first exchange because Barker had to tape his nipples. (self explanatory, right?)
  15. The fact that we plotted against a certain team EVERY leg, referred to them as our arch nemesis, plotted skits that we could do to portray them, and yet, never talked to them or had any sort of direct interaction.
  16.  “This isn’t the first sham prom I’ve been too.” (Dixon says while walking through a  balloon arch with Hayden at Jim Beam start line.) “Me neither.” (Hayden responds.)
  17. The Rabbi hotel keeper in Harrodsburg, who kept pushing the Jacuzzi suites. (For the six of us, really? How about we just get some clean towels and call it even…)
  18.  “Ma’am, you’re gonna have to turn on your headlights on now.” (Race worker says to Hayden before night run.) “They are on. It’s cold out here.” (Hayden responds)
  19. Fine dining at the “Bring your own Pringles” Subway in Harrodsburg. (Bet you didn’t know they had one, didja? They do. We saw it.)

So that pretty much sums up the weekend. Oh yeah, there was some running in there too. We might not have made it to the finish line first, or in the top 100 or so, but we are ready to do it all again next year!


A picture is worth 200 miles!


The morning’s ramblings

Our van needs more cowbell.

Next year’s motto should be “undertrained and overconfident”.

The classification for the legs can be decoded as such: easy = hilly, medium = you’re not gonna like this, difficult = forget about it, you are screwed.

And as a Hospice team, we definitely know what and why we were running. Not sure why these other fools ate doing it? Bucket list? Death wish? No clue.

Van 1 is about to start runner 5 of 6 of our last leg. Whew! Go team go! Amy J, John, Catherine (and any minute now) Patrick have finished. Just Amy B and Stephen for our van. Then we are done. Gonna put the hurting on some McDonald’s value meals on our way back to Lex to meet up with the rest of the team at the finish.

Go Prim, Erin, Tony, Jeff, Molly and Holly! Run like the wind! And we have mostly forgiven you for waking us up early this morning when y’all we ahead of schedule! Mostly.

Catherine’s turn- legs 3 and 15

My first leg wound through Bardstown. I remember smelling donuts, which I considered to be really unfair. After leaving civilization, and heading toward Heaven Hill, my next memory is of a barking dog names Gizmo. How do I know his name was gizmo? His loving owner crooned “Giyzmo shuuuut uppp.” that’s when I switched sides of the road. And also when the mountain climb began. No joke. Straight up. And finally I get to the exchange and what do I see? Nothing. None of my team was there. Just a minor delay and something to do with taping. All good.

Skip ahead to the best Subway sandwich I’ve ever eaten. And by far the best Diet Coke I drank. Followed by a heavenly hot shower and a quick nap. Now, get up and do it again!

Leg 15. Leaving Danville. In the dark. No GPS signal so I had no clue my pace. Never so happy to see the 1 mile to go sign! And even passed someone in the hill at the end! Granted I think she was near 80, but gonna enjoy my moment!

Now for the rest of my sandwich and a nap.

And a word to my mom- I know you were with me. I could hear you encouraging me and your gentle push on the hills. Happy to have you with me, but tomorrow is my 3rd run in 24 hours. Could you do more like yelling than whispering and shoving than lifting? Regardless, thanks for being my running partner. See you at the finish. I’ll be wearing my “In memory of” shirt with your name on it. XOXO.

And now, leg 2 recap with John

I want to give a shout out the the shower at the Country Hearth. You were awesome, if a bit in need of disinfectant.

Amy J’s turn

Well, I am very honored to see that we have so much support out there! Your comments and views mean so much! We are currently in a very dark motel room where I think I just got a little sleep but mist importantly a shower! My first leg was tough! I should have realized when it was ranked D for Difficult but oh well. What got me through? I had decided I would run this for Mawmaw, Stephen’s grandma, because I loved her like a third grandma ! Stephen gave me a photo of us and I carried it with me. When I thought I couldn’t go on I thought of her and what a strong lady she was and plugged along (I might have yelled, “Mamaw make these hills go away!” too) Then I heard my friends yelling for me, which propelled me to the exchange.
My team is great, but of course they are, to be part of an effort that will help others like Mawmaw when they are near the end of life. I feel lucky to be a part of this group and that’s saying something when I am going on little sleep, sore legs, and the anticipation of…9 more miles of hilly roads!


According to Twitter, the first 20 teams have just passed through Maker’s Mark. Hey, that’s us! We are in the first 20! Most of the teams haven’t even started yet but whatever. We are enjoying our moment!

Van 1 is done!

Here’s the latest: Amy J started us off great and got her longest leg out of the way! Next up- John was not impressed with the number of dead rodents. Catherine ran third and thinks Bardstown smells like donuts, which is not fair to runners. Look for her in the video bitching about that last hill. Next up Patrick. The large live snake he saw in the road was great motivation! Amy B says it was hard. That’s what she said. And finishing off our first tour was Stephen who got to run into a large cheering crowd at Maker’s Mark.

Now we are off to eat, sleep, and shower so we can do it all again in 12ish hours! Sorry for the lack of updates- 3G is not so much here in – uh- wherever we are.

Oh shit.

So here’s our first blog from the road… Our Van 1 driver has the flu. While she was going to attempt it, we sent her home. Anyone wanna drive a van full of slap-happy, sweaty runners through the backwoods of the Bourbon Trail?

It’s getting down to the wire! We are set to start at 9am on Friday. Less than 48 hours from now. Whoo!

Here’s one of the signs we will have on our vans. Talk about motivation!

Now you know why we are taking on this crazy thing! Giving up a perfectly good weekend at home watching football to run around the back roads of bourbon country dodging road kill… Hospice has touched so many of us on the team, very close to home.

Which reminds me, it’s not too late to donate! We have exceeded our $5000 goal but that is just the starting point- can you help us get to $6000? How about $6500? We are soooo close!

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